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”How do we communicate quickly, effectively and consistently with our colleagues, employees, users, partners and clients?”
“How do we ensure that important information is accurately distributed and thereby achieve maximum results?”

InfoBoard® is the solution! The unique communication and presentation medium with infinite applications and integration options. InfoBoard® functions as a flexible, electronic and dynamic notice board split into sections, which can be quickly and easily updated. The system can be designed according to individual needs, where colours, logo, text, pictures and flash are inserted very straight forwardly.

Communicate around the world in 60 seconds with InfoBoard®. The system can be used to deliver precise information and news items to colleagues, as a professional ‘welcome’ to guests, for striking product exposure, or to focus on goals, performance and results in connection with production or sales. InfoBoard® can be used for example in reception, operations and leisure areas, as well as offices, waiting rooms and hospital wards.

By using InfoBoard® you will achieve accurate dissemination of your message. It will present a positive and dynamic overview of your company to both visitors and colleagues alike. InfoBoard® does not require any investment in servers or on your existing internal IT structure. Monitor and PC are connected to the Internet – and you are ready to start.

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